Setting Up TV Camera

This article will host instructions for calibrating the TV camera to your screen.

The TV camera is a Wi-Fi connecting device and will follow the set up instructions. Even though the examples in these articles are flor light bulbs, the inner hardware of the products are the same and so is the set up process! The details of which can be found here: Android Set Up and iOS Apple Set Up

Once the TV Camera has been added to your account you will need to calibrate the camera within the parameters of your TV screen for the best results. If the camera is not calibrated, it can cause the camera to misread the colors on the screen and result in an inconsistent projection.

To begin first navigate to the home page of your Sengled Home app as shown:



Scroll down the list of devices until you find the TV camera listed. Once located, tap on the device to select it:


Once selected you will be taken to the control page for the TV camera.

Tip: It is important to note that the LED strip connected to the camera can function as our other LED strips do. That is to say that while your TV is not showing content or is on an idle screen that you can select the color and brightness of the LED strip through the controls on this page.

Since our focus is currently calibration, you will instead be navigating to the knut and bolt sign in the top right corner of the screen:


Once you have selected the bolt in the corner, you will be settings page. 

Tip: Here you can also alter the name and room that the TV camera is in. So if you would like to switch from your living room to your bedroom, you could do so under the room settings.

Since our focus is currently the camera calibration, you will instead select the calibration option from the list of settings:


It is important to note that the TV camera uses what is known as a fisheye lense. This is a kind of 360 camera lense that allows for a camera to take in a wider view than it normally would. You can think of it as the camera's version of periphery vision!

This causes the view of the TV to appear somewhat curved as illustrated in the picture:


Note the dots that mark the outline of the TV screen. Because of the curved view of the camera, there are 5 dots instead of just 4. This will allow the camera to take in a greater surface area of the screen for the most accurate calibration.

Using these dots, we can mark out the outline of the TV. It is best for the dots to rest just inside of the screen rather than outside.

If the dots are calibrated to take in area outside of the TV screen, the camera can end up catching a glimpse of the LED lights behind the camera. That is to say, the camera will read the LEDs rather than the TV screen which can result in an experience where the LEDs seem stuck on a certain color.

So it's best for the dots to be just inside the borders of your TV screen.

You can move the dots by touching your finger to the screen and dragging the dots around in order to move them! When you release your finger from the screen, the dot will "drop" were your finger left it. You may adjust the dots as many times as you like!


When the camera is first installed it should take a little snapshot of your TV, which will be the image initially shown on the screen.

Many users may have had to move their TV on the stand it rests on or even take it down from where it was mounted on the wall in order to install the LED strip part of the camera. If you are one of those customers the initial picture taken might look very different from what your normal TV set up is like.

There could be a strange glare on the screen or perhaps a deep shadow that prevents you from actually seeing the borders of the screen very clearly. In such a case, you likely need to get an updated image for the app!

In order to update the image, simply press Refresh Image at the bottom of the screen:


Or, if you feel like you need to restart the whole calibration process you can select Restart Calibration for a clean slate!

Note: If you have issues with the calibration process, it's best to be patient with yourself and the product! It is a new technology and can be frustrating to work with. We've all been there! Keep your chin up and utilize that Restart Calibration if you need to.

Do not delete the product from the app in an attempt to start over. Deleting the TV camera from your account will only make more work for you in the end and who wants to do more work? Take a deep breath and just Restart Calibration. 

Every time you try something new you're learning! Making mistakes is part of that process. If at first you don't succeed try, try again! You're going to be a pro in no time! Your friends might just call you over to help them out too! And then you'll really get to show off.


Once you have the right photo and all those dots placed correctly, you're all set!

But before you exit out of the process, be sure to use the save button in the top right hand corner.


Congratulations and great job! Your TV camera is now ready to use!

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