My Snap/Snap 2 camera bulb is displaying everything as purple/pink/magenta. I have also noticed the night vision is not working. What should I do?

Note: This article is split into three sections. The sections are separated by lines. 

The sections are: Defining the Issue, Optimum Way to Proceed, Alternative Way to Proceed


Defining the Issue

Below is what the issue most commonly looks like:


As shown by the photo, this is one of the ways the issue can manifest.

Things that should be green, like the trees and plants, are showing as pink/purple/magenta—almost as if they were cherry blossoms. 

Or, the entire screen may appear to have the aforementioned colors. Furthermore, at night even when night vision is set to auto in the Sengled Snap app, the view looks almost pitch black—regardless of the infrared on the Snap camera or the actual lighting conditions around the bulb. 

Simply put, both of these are related to a mistake in assembly. The mistake cannot be fixed without opening the bulb and is, effectively, irreversible. 

The issue was dubbed the Purple Lens Issue.


Optimum Way to Proceed

Now, let us discuss how to proceed.

There are two ways to approach this. 

The first is to return the bulb via the point-of-sale, which is in most cases Amazon. Then to hear when we have, by-and-large, removed the impacted Snaps and replaced them with Snaps that do not suffer from that issue, please email us by copying and pasting the following: 

Our email address: 

Email's Title: Snap 2: Restocked 

Email's Body: "Would you please email me when the Snaps that have the Purple Lens Issue have, by-and-large, been identified and removed from the various warehouses in which they reside?" and/or  "I would like to know when I can purchase a Snap 2 without the Purple Lens Issue." 


Alternative Way to Proceed

The second way to proceed would be for us at Sengled Support to warranty the bulb. This is how we would usually proceed in such cases but due to COVID, turnaround times are much slower than pre-COVID; thus warranties will be processed in the order in which they were received. 

To request a warranty, please start by email us at

Entitle the email "Snap Purple Lens" and provide the following: a screenshot of the issue, a photo of the product's MAC/ZID and SN, the email address that is associated with your Sengled Snap app. 


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