Setting up the devices on your Sengled HomeKit compatible hub to work with your Siri and Apple HomeKit device(s)

Note: First, you would want to ensure your HomeKit compatible Sengled hub (model number E39-G8C) has already been setup like so.

If you have yet to do so, open the Home app on your iOS device and tap "Add Accessory".

mceclip23.png mceclip24.png


Now, scan the Apple HomeKit QR code on the Sengled Hub.



Note: If your hub does not have the HomeKit QR code on it and it's model number is not E39-G8C, this means you do not have the Sengled hub that is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The names of the bulbs and the rooms to which they were assigned does not automatically transfer over.

You will have to name and group each device that is on your hub.


In the example below, the first bulb we are putting into a room and renaming is a Smart LED Multicolor bulb. 

First, we must identify which bulb it is; to do this, tap on "Identify Accessory". This will cause the bulb to flash.

The bulb that flashes is the bulb we are naming/assigning to a room.



Another way to know which bulb is which, is to remember to which room you assigned particular bulbs (i.e., all of the color bulbs were in the guest room, the classic soft white bulbs were in the living room, etc.)

Albeit this method is more situational but it may prove useful. As we can see from the screenshot, all of the multicolor bulbs are in the guest room.



Now that we know which bulb we are naming and the room in which it is being used, we can go ahead and assign it to a room in the Apple Home app.

Tap on the "Room" bar and select the room to which you wish to assign the bulb.

If you do not see the room you want, tap on "Create New".

In this case, since there is no guest room by default, we will create one.

mceclip1.png mceclip5.png


Since we are creating a room, we first tap on the bar below "Room Name" and type out the name of the room (in this case, "Guest Room").

Then, press "Save" at the top right corner of the screen.



Now, we will rename the bulb; tap on the words next to the light bulb icon (in this case, since the bulb is one of the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor bulbs, the default name of the bulb is "Sengled color bulb").

After you have renamed the bulb, tap "Done" on your phone's keyboard.

mceclip9.png mceclip11.png


Now that the bulb is in the right room with the right name, press "Next" at the top of the screen.



Now, you can assign the bulb to scenes. 

Scenes in the Apple Home app are pre-set commands for controlling bulbs. 

So, for example, the "Arrive Home" and "Good Morning" scenes are for turning bulbs on. 

When you assign a bulb to a scene, it will do the function of that scene. 

So, if you have four bulbs throughout your home and you assign each of those bulbs to the "Good Morning" scene, those bulbs will turn on when that scene is enacted.

Besides controlling a scene from the Apple Home app, you can do it with Siri voice commands as well (we will get into this in more detail later). 

For example, if only your two bedroom bulbs are in the "Good Morning" scene, when you "Hey Siri, Good Morning", Siri will run that scene.  


In this case, we choose to have the "Guest Room Bulb 1" be associated with the "Good Night" and "Leave Home" scenes. 

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png


Now, we move on to the next bulb in line. We have already identified the bulb and renamed by tapping on the "1".

Now we will put it in the right room by tapping on "2" and choosing "Living Room".

With the bulb renamed and grouped properly, we can now press "Next" to proceed. 

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png


Now, we are choosing which scenes will be applicable for this bulb. In the provided examples, we choose to have this bulb be a part of all four default scenes.



That is all there is to it. 

Once you have all of your Sengled devices nicely organized in the Apple Home app, you will be directed to the scene below; that is how you will know you are done with integrating your Sengled HomeKit compatible hub with your Apple Home app/HomeKit/Siri.


Here are some sample commands:

"Hey Siri set [bulb/room name] to [0-100]%" || Hey Siri, set Guest Bedroom to 80%.

"Hey Siri, [name of scene]" || "Hey Siri, good morning" to run the "Good Morning" scene or "Hey Siri, I'm leaving" to run the "Leave Home" scene.

"Hey Siri, set [bulb/room name] to [color]." || Hey Siri, set Guest Bedroom to magenta".

Blue, red, green, cyan, magenta, yellow, are just a few of the colors to which you can set your bulbs.

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