Adding a Sengled Smart Switch to your Samsung SmartThings hub

Before getting started, ensure the following conditions are met:

  • Keep your SmartThings hub at least three feet away from your router. Tier-3 support from SmartThings informed us that the ZigBee module can receive interference from the router; SmartThings recommends keeping your SmartThings hub three feet from your router.
  • Please ensure that “Secure mode” is set to the off position; this will allow devices that disconnect from your SmartThings hub to reconnect automatically without needing to be reset. Below are instructions on how to do this in the SmartThings app:

1) Open the SmartThings app

2) Tap “Devices”

3) Tap on your SmartThings hub

4) Turn “Security mode” off to ensure that if the Element bulbs or SmartThings hub lose power, the bulbs can rejoin without issue.

Below is a picture of what the SmartThings app’s icon looks like:


1) Open the SmartThings app and press the “+” sign on the main page.

2) Then, tap on “Add device”.

3) Find “Sengled” icon from “all brands”, and tap it.

4) Press “Switch/Dimmer”.

5) Remove the battery tab of the Sengled Smart Switch. You can push any button to check whether the green LED indicator light responds.

     a) If the green indicator light does not respond, you need to check the battery connection or replace the battery with a new one.

     b) If the green indicator light does respond, the smart switch is ready to be paired with your SmartThings hub.

6) Press “Start” in SmartThings app; choose the SmartThings Hub you wish to pair the smart switch.

7) Now, choose a “Room” in the SmartThings app you want to use the smart switch. Press “Next” to proceed.

     a) Note: If a pop-up message says “Secure join not support”, just press “Continue”.

8) The SmartThings hub will try to communicate with the smart switch; you should see the green LED indicator light on the smart switch blink 3 times.

     a) After the smart switch is connected to your SmartThings hub, you must program it via the SmartThings app to control specific Sengled Smart LED bulbs.




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