Setting up the Sengled Smart Switch to control Sengled bulbs on your SmartThings hub

1) Open the SmartThings app and press the “+” sign on the main page.

2) Then, press “Add Automation”.

3)  Choose “Smart Lighting”

4) Select “New Lighting Automation”

5) Under “Which devices do you want to control”, select the bulb(s) you want to control using the Sengled Smart Switch; then, press “Done”

6) Under “What do you want to do”, select “Mirror Behavior”, then “Done”

7) Under “Mirror which switch”, choose “Sengled Smart Switch” or whatever name you created for the Sengled Smart Switch. Then, tap “Done”


8) Press “Next”, you can create a custom name for this control, then press “Done”.

9) Now you can use your On, Off, Dim-Up, Dim-Down buttons to control your smart LED light(s).

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