Setting a Sleep time for your Bulbs

Sleep times are set from the “Routines” tab.

Tap on “Routines”.

There are three different types of schedules. The “Light Schedules” option allows you to set on and/or off times for your bulbs. The “Wake Up” option slowly turns on your lights. The “Sleep” option slowly turns your lights off.

Since we want to create a schedule that will turn the lights off slowly over a five, ten or 15 minute period, we will choose “Sleep”.

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Tap on “Add Sleep”.


First things first, give the sleep time a name; this way, if you decide to have multiple, wake up times, you can tell which is which.

To do this, tap on “New Sleep” and type in your custom name.

In this case, since our sleep time will be for the weekdays, we called it “Weekday Bedtime”.

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Now, choose the time the bulbs are to start dimming.

To do this, tap on “Start at” under the “2. Time” option.

You can scroll on the hours, minutes and AM/PM portion on the popup. Be sure to press “Save” when you have selected the time you would like the sleep time to start.

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We now need to choose the days we would like for this sleep time to run.

Tap on the days on which you would like the sleep time to work. The selected days will become red.

In the example provided, Monday-Friday have been selected.

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With the time and days for the sleep schedule set, we now must choose how long the fade out will be. This will determine how quickly the bulbs will dim.

Tap on “Fade out” and select the five, ten or 15 minute option. In this case, we kept it on the 15 minute option.

Be sure to press “Done” after selecting the fade out.

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From here, we need to select the bulbs and devices that will abide by the schedule.

To do this, tap on “4. Devices” and then select the bulbs you wish to comport with the schedule. 



At this point, we only have two devices setup in the Sengled Home app.

To select a device or room, tap on the box next to the device or room.

In this example, since we want all the bulbs to abide by the schedule, we pressed the box next to “Bedroom”.

Press “Done”.

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Press “Save” in the top-right corner when you are done setting the sleep time.

That’s all there is to setting a sleep time.

If you want to set a new one, press the plus sign in the top-right corner.

To turn the schedule off, press the slider switch. It will switch from red to grey to indicate it has been turned off.

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