Adding Sengled Smart LED Soft White/Daylight (Element Classic) A19/BR30 bulbs to your Sengled Hub

Before getting started, do not power the bulbs on first. This may cause them to fall out of their three-minute pairing mode. Make sure your phone is connected to the same 2.4 GHz WiFi that your hub is on.

Additionally, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. The Sengled Home app is updated to, at least, version 1.1.42; to check your app's version, tap on the "Settings" tab and then tap on "About Sengled".
  2. Your hub's firmware is updated to, at least, 4.3.9 with coordinator 0.0.5007; this article shows how to do that.

Once you have completed these prerequisites, we can proceed: 

Open the Sengled Home app and press the plus symbol located in the top-right of the screen. 


Here you will be asked to confirm that this is a Zigbee product that works with the hub. Select "Confirm".



Here you will be asked to select the hub that is being used. If you only have one hub, then simply make sure that the dot is filled in red. If you have two hubs, make sure the correct one is selected.


Now, make sure that the lights are powered on. To pair they must be powered on and in pairing mode. The bulbs arrive already in pairing mode but if they have been powered on, they may need to be reset. We have the reset instructions below.


​In general it is best to have the bulbs within about 20 feet of the hub when you try to add. If they are further away, you may need to move them closer to make the set up process easier. Of course once the bulbs are added they can be relocated further away. The closer proximity is just for set up. For bulbs added to the hub the general signal range is around 100 ft.


In order to reset your Element bulbs, they MUST be placed on a standard ON/OFF toggle switch like a bathroom vanity fixture or a power strip, a turn style lamp will not work. It must then be turned on and off AT LEAST 10 times, VERY quickly, ending on the ON position. An on and off cycle counts as 1.
On/Off 1
On/Off 2
On/Off 3

If done correctly the bulb will flash five times, and then it is in pairing mode.


Note: The Sengled Smart LED A19 bulbs and Sengled Smart LED BR30 bulbs cannot be used on dimmer switches. This would include wall dimmers, ceiling fan fixtures and 3-way lamps (lamps with low, medium and high power settings built-in).

Furthermore, the Sengled Smart LED bulbs are not meant to be used in fully-enclosed fixtures.

Additionally, the Sengled Smart LED bulbs are not meant to be used outdoors.



Once the bulbs are powered on select "Search Devices".

As the bulbs are discovered they will appear within the app. It may take a few moments for all devices to be detected if multiple bulbs are being added at once.

Once the bulb(s) are found, they will flash three times and appear on the screen. Once the Sengled Home app has indicated it has found all of your bulb(s), press "Next". In this case, we were only adding one bulb, so we pressed "Next" after it was found.

From here, the bulb will be added to your hub. 




The app has a system for dividing the bulbs by groups. In the Sengled Home app we call these groups "Rooms". At this point you will be prompted to add the bulb to a room. Select "Setup Room" to continue.




The app has several pre-made rooms for you to choose from. Simply tap on the icon for the room you wish to use and select "Next".




From here you will be asked to select all of the bulbs that are intended to go into the room. If you are adding multiple bulbs at once and aren't sure which ones go into the room, you can use the "Locate" button to help identify the bulbs. 


Tap "Locate" and then when the pop up arrives select "blink". This will cause the selected bulb to blink slowly on and off. Once you are done locating the bulb, you may select "cancel" to continue with set up.




Once the bulbs intended for the room have been identified, tap the little box beside where the bulb is listed to select it for placement in the room. Then you may select "Next" to continue.



On the final step of the set up process, you may rename the bulbs to custom names if you like. 

If you need help remembering which bulb is which, you may once again utilize the Locate feature to cause the bulbs to blink and determine one from the other.

To rename the bulb, tap the "Edit" button beside the bulb you wish to rename.

This will bring up a pop up that will display the name of the bulb with 2 options. To rename the bulb, tap on the field where the name is listed. This will activate your keyboard.


Once you have entered the desired name for the bulb, tap the "return" key on your keyboard in order to minimize the keyboard again. Then you will be able to select "Save".




Once all the names of the bulbs have been updated, you may select "Done" in the top right corner to finalize the changes.




And then you are finished!


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