Add a Sengled Smart Window/Door Sensor to your Sengled Hub

Before getting started, do not remove the pull tab from the main body of the motion sensor.

This will power the device on which will put it into pairing mode. The sensor will only stay in pairing mode for one minute.

Make sure the phone that is running the Sengled Home app is connected to the same 2.4 GHz WiFi that your hub is on.

Now, open the Sengled Home app and press the three dots in a circle symbol located in the top-right of the screen.

Then, press “Add Device”.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Tap on “Smart Window/Door Sensor”.



Now, select the hub you wish to add the sensor to and press “Next”.

In the provided example, there is only one hub associated with the account.

From the “Locate the QR Code” page, press “Scan Code”.

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png


Scan the QR code of the sensor; this code is located on the side of the larger part of the two-part sensor.

The provided screenshot is a fine example of how to scan the QR code—it was taken a split second before the code scanned.



From here, you will be redirected to a new page showing the sensor has been scanned.

If you have another sensor, you can press “Scan Another One” and utilize the same steps to scan the additional sensor.

We recommend adding one sensor at a time.

In the provided example, we are going to press “Next” to proceed. but if you have more Sengled Smart Window & Door Sensor which you would like to add, press “Scan Another One”.



At this point, remove the pull tab from the motion sensor. Wait until you see the red light flash twice; this light is in a corner on the larger part of the sensor with the infinity symbol.

Then, press “Next”.

Now the sensor will add to your hub. If the hub finds the sensor, the red light on the face of the sensor will flash three times.



Once added, press “Next” to assign the sensor to a room.

Now we can assign the sensor to a room. In our example, we do not want to assign the sensor to the bedroom. Since the sensor will be used for the backdoor of the office. We will tap on “Office”.

[If the room you want the device to be in does not exist, press “Add Room” to create the room; you can, of course, give the room a custom name.]

mceclip10.png mceclip11.png


After choosing the right room, we tapped on where the arrow is to rename the sensor “Back Door Sensor”.

Since we are done, we tapped on “Done”.

From here, you can install your sensor at the desired door or window.

Note: When installing the sensor, make sure both parts of the sensor are aligned vertically and horizontally.







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