Can the Smart LED with Bluetooth Speaker be connected to a TV, laptop, home stereo or other non-iOS, non-Android devices?

If you are looking to connect a TV, home stereo, laptop and so on, we would recommend purchasing the Pulse Link starter kit which comes with two Pulse Satellite bulbs.

One Pulse Link can have up to seven Pulse Satellite bulbs attached to it.

With that said, the Smart LED with Bluetooth Speaker bulbs are not Pulse Satellite bulbs.

The Smart LED with Bluetooth Speaker is a stand-alone device.

Connecting it, even to a smart TV or laptop, depends on the Bluetooth capability of the television or laptop. 

Even if you do connect the bulb to your TV or laptop, you will be unable to control the light of the bulb until you disconnect the bulb from the other device, connect to it via your iOS and Android device and use the Pulse app to control the light.

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