Resetting Your Account Password

This method for resetting your password is if you do not know the password for your account or cannot get into your account.

Start on the login screen for the Snap app.

Press “Forgot Password?”


Now, type in the email address that is associated with your account. Be sure there are no spaces in front of the email address or behind the email address. Some phones will automatically provide an option to auto-enter the email address; this can cause a space behind the email address or in front of it. Because of this fact, if you are having difficulty on this page, type in the email address with the keyboard on your phone.

After you type in the email address, press “Next”.

This will send a confirmation code to the email address that is associated with your account. Check that email for an email from The email will be titled “verify code”.

Be sure to check the junk/spam folder of your email in case the email ends up there. If you are checking the email from a phone and do not see it after refreshing the browser/app from which you are checking your email, please check your email from a computer.

Please note, having multiple conformation codes sent to your email will make the previous codes invalid. That is why there is a timer on the verification code screen.


Once you see the confirmation code email, type in the confirmation code exactly as it appears in the email.

Please note, in this example, the confirmation code was “dgd89d” and that is exactly what was typed in on this screen.

Once you are done, press “Next”.



After putting the confirmation code in and press “Next”, you will have to type in a new password. Be sure the password meets the requirements as described at the top of this page.

Once you are done, press “OK” and your password will be changed. You will be redirected to the login screen of the Sengled Snap app. From here, you can type in the new password and login to the Sengled Snap app.







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