Setting up a Snap

First, open the Sengled Snap app (orange icon) and login with your previously created login credentials.

Then, press “Add Device”. Alternatively, you can press “More” and “Add Snap”.

From here, you will be on the “Let’s Get Started” page. Since this Snap does not have an Ethernet port, press “No” on this page.


This will bring up a pop-up that strongly recommends installing the Snap indoors before moving the Snap to the intended location of use. Furthermore, the pop-up will warn that the Snap cannot be used on a fixture with a built-in motion detector.

Once you are ready, press “Start”.

From here, the app will recommend having the Snap, your phone and router within 10 feet of each other to ensure a smooth setup. Once all of these devices are powered on and within ten feet of each other, press “Next”.


From here, you will be on a screen that says, “To ensure a stable connection…”. This page is letting you know a Snap would require a strong Wi-Fi signal and a minimum of 2 Mbps of upload and download speed at the location the Snap is being used.

Once you have read and understood the message, press “Next”.

From here, please make sure your Snap is powered on and check the indicator light. If the indicator light is red, press “Red”.

If the indicator light is blue you will need to reset the Snap by holding the reset button on the side of the Snap. To reset your Snap, press and hold the reset button located on the outer rim of the light for approximately 10 seconds until the light begins to flash.


Once you are on the “To pair your Snap and mobile device together…” navigate to the WiFi settings page on your phone.

Once you are on the WiFi page of your phone, select the WiFi the Snap is broadcasting. In this case the name of the WiFi is “SNAP_F0984D”. The WiFi name of your Snap will be different but it will look something like “SNAP_FXXXXX” where the X’s represent different letters and numbers.

Please note, the WiFi page on your phone will most likely look different.


Please note, as shown by the screenshot of the WiFi page, the Snap does not have an internet connection. This is perfectly normal. The Snap broadcasts a WiFi signal, as in the radio frequency, without internet and for setup purposes.

Once your phone is connected to the WiFi the Snap is broadcasting, navigate back to the Snap app.

As long as your phone is connected to the WiFi that the Snap is broadcasting, the “Next” button in the Sengled Snap app will turn orange indicating we can proceed with setup.

Once the “Next” button is orange, press “Next”.


Now your phone will be paired successfully with the Snap. Press “Next” to proceed.

From here, you will be on a page that says “Please select a router Wi-Fi network…”.

Find your router’s 2.4 GHz WiFi and tap on it to connect. We strongly recommend setting your Snap up on your router’s 2.4 GHz WiFi as 2.4 GHz has a longer range than 5.0 GHz.

In our example photo, we choose the “Support_2.4G” since that is our 2.4 GHz WiFi to which we wish to use for installing the Snap.


Type in your router’s password, check it by pressing the eye icon and once everything is set, press “Ok”.

From here, your Snap will begin to wake up. You may hear it click a few times and the light may flash. Please allow up to five minutes as this part is mostly dependent on your WiFi’s speed and signal strength at the location the Snap is located.

Do not press the reset button. Once you can view video from the Snap app, please place the Snap in the desired location. Please keep in mind the desired location will need a strong bandwidth and signal strength in order for the Snap to operate as intended.


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