Turning the motion detection on for a Snap or Snap 2

Open the Sengled Snap app and tap the hexagon shaped settings button. This will take you to the “Settings” page. As you can see, motion detection is turned off. Tap on “Motion Detection” to adjust the settings.


This will take you to the “Motion Detection” page. Tap on the slider to turn it green and turn motion detection on. Once motion detection is turned on, the default settings will be selected.

Please note, the following screenshot is for a Snap that has a paid cloud plan. That is why Human Detection mode and Activity Zones are available. Without a paid cloud plan, a Snap would only have access to basic detection, motion sensitivity and notifications.


The following screenshot is to demonstrate some of the changes that were made. We turned basic detection off, enabled human detection, lowered the sensitivity to medium by tapping on medium, and turned notifications on by tapping the sliding bar.


Note: If motion detection is enabled from the Snap app and if motion is detected, a 15 second motion detection clip will be made available in the “Security” page of the Sengled Snap app.

You can watch a clip by tapping on it and download it by pressing the down icon.



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