Enabling Sengled Home Widgets on iPhone

The Sengled Home Widgets are buttons which will appear as app icons that will implement a scene from the Sengled Home app. By default, everyone has two scenes—“All On” and “All Off” which control the lights in the Sengled Home app. You can create more scenes in the Sengled Home app.

For more information about scenes, please see our scenes overview here.

The advantage of a widget is to allow one to have pre-determined commands enacted by the bulbs without needing to open the Sengled Home app.

To create widgets, open your iPhone to the home screen.

From the home screen of your iPhone, swipe right.


This will take you to the Notification Center, from here, scroll down and tap on “Edit”.



From the “Add Widgets” page, scroll down and select “Sengled Home”.



Now, press “Done” to create the widget.

You will be redirected to the “Notification Center” where you can enable your Widgets—in the case, “All On”, “All Off”, and the custom one we created named “Jonathan”.


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