Install a Solo, Solo Pro or Solo Color Plus (Smart LED with Multicolor Bluetooth Speaker Bulb)

Power the bulb on from a non-dimmer switch. Then, open the Bluetooth settings page of the device you wish to connect to the Solo bulb in question.

The provided example below is from an Android. The Bluetooth settings page will vary from smartphone to smartphone. Some smartphones do not have a “Pair New Device” option and will just show the Bluetooth devices to which they have connected to before and the new devices that are available.


In this case, since we have a Solo, we want to connect to the Bluetooth named “Pulse Solo C01-A66”.

Note: The Pulse Solo has two Bluetooth chips; connect to the one named “Pulse Solo C01-A66”. Connecting to the other one will only let you control the LED (light) of the bulb.

The second photo is to demonstrate that the phone is connected to the Solo.

From here, you can open the Pulse app to control the LED and volume of the Pulse. To play audio, open up the music or video app of your choosing.

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