Play audio from your television through your Pulse Link Satellite Bulbs

First, make sure your Pulse Link is setup as described in the Installing your Pulse Link guide.

 Make sure your device is connected to the Bluetooth of the Pulse Link. Then, on that same device, open the Pulse app.

 Press the three lines in the top-left corner; then press “Settings”.


As you can see from the “Input Audio Switch” tab, the audio is set to come from the Bluetooth device which is connected to the Pulse Link.

Tap on “Input Audio Switch”. 

Select “3.5mm Line in” to have the audio play from the television.


Please note, you would need your Pulse Link to be connected to your television’s “Audio Out” port. Depending on the television, there may be a setting that prevents the “Audio Out” port from functioning as intended. If you have done all of these steps and the Pulse Satellite bulbs still do not play audio from your television, please contact your television’s manufacturer to see if there could be a setting preventing the Pulse Link from working as intended.

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