Enabling the Smart LED Bright White PAR38 (Element PAR38) bulb’s motion detection feature

Open the Sengled Home app and tap on the room the Sengled Smart LED Bright White PAR38 is located. In this instance, the name of the room is “Backyard”.

From here, select the Smart LED Bright White PAR38 bulb for which you wish to enable the motion detection. In this case, there is just one bulb, so we tap on it.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png 


Now, we will be on a page that has the bulb’s name at the top. From here, we can tap the toggle switch—as indicated by the red arrow.

When the toggle switch is in the on position, as indicated by the button turning red, the Smart LED Bright White PAR38 bulb will turn on automatically when motion is detected.

Furthermore, we can tap on “Turn On Automatically” to adjust the settings for the bulb’s motion sensor.

The rest of this tutorial will show the options available under “Turn On Automatically”.


As indicated by this settings page, the PAR38 bulb can be turned on automatically when its sensor detects motion under low lighting conditions.

Tap on “Trigger Condition” to see the available options.

From here, you can choose whether the PAR38 bulb comes on when motion is detected under weak light conditions or when motion is detected under dark conditions.

Since we prefer the PAR38 bulb to come on when motion is detected under weak lighting conditions, we will keep the “Weak light” option selected.



Now, we can adjust how long the light stays on once the motion sensor is triggered under the trigger condition.

Tap on “Turn Off Delay”.

From here you can tap on how long you want the light to say on; in our example, we selected “Turn off after 60s”.



Once the setting is adjusted to your liking, press “Ok”.

Once all the settings are to your liking, press the back arrow in the top left corner.



To make sure the automation for the PAR38 bulb is set to work based upon the parameters we set, make sure the “Turn On Automatically” option is red as indicated in the example photo.

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