Adding a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb or Accessory (Android Setup)

1) Confirm the Model Number (M/N):

First, we must determine if the bulb is a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb.

Below is an example photo of where the bulb's model number (M/N) information can be found:


If the model number (M/N) of the bulb starts with a W, see if it is one of the following bulbs:

W11-N11 W21-N11
W11-N1150 W21-N13

If it is, then the bulb is a Wi-Fi bulb and can be setup using the Sengled Home app.


2) Use Conditions: 

Next, our Smart LED bulbs—like most LED bulbs—are not meant to be used in the following conditions: 

Wall dimmers

Ceiling fan fixtures

Lamp with multiple power settings (i.e. a low/high power lamp, a low/medium/high power lamp—a 3-way lamp—or a dimmer lamp)

Enclosed fixtures



3) Adding: 

Note: Before getting started, do not power the bulb on first. This may cause it to fall out of its three-minute pairing mode. 

Note: Since Wi-Fi bulbs can only be setup one at a time, we recommend setting the bulbs up one at a time.

Make sure your phone is connected to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi—i.e. the Wi-Fi to which your wish to setup the Sengled Wi-Fi bulb.

Open the Sengled Home app to add the Sengled Wi-Fi bulb.

From here, press the three dots in the circle in the top right corner. Then, press “Add Device”.


mceclip2.png mceclip4.png


Tap on “Wi-Fi LEDs and Accessories”.



Once you are sure you have a Sengled Smart Wi-Fi product, press "Confirm".



Power the Smart Wi-Fi bulb on. The bulb will blink, or flash, to indicate it is in pairing mode. Once that is done, press "Search Devices". 

If the bulb does not blink upon power up, reset it—like so: How do I reset the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb? 



The app will search for Sengled Wi-Fi bulbs; once found, the bulbs will appear in the Sengled Home app as shown below.

Since Wi-Fi bulbs can only be added one at a time, tap "Connect" on the Wi-Fi bulb you wish to setup.

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png


From here, you Android device will connect to the Wi-Fi produced by the bulb and redirect you to the "Select a Wi-Fi network to connect" page.

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png


When on the "Select a Wi-Fi network to connect" page, select your router's 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. 

mceclip5.png mceclip13.png


Type the password for your Wi-Fi network.

Press the "Show" icon to see the password you have typed as one of the most common reasons for a Wi-Fi device failing to setup is that the password that was entered was incorrect (the wrong password was used, a character or symbol was omitted, capitalization, etc).

Once you are certain you have typed in the correct password, press "Next".mceclip14.png



From here, the app will attempt to setup the bulb; if things are going as planned, you should see the bulb flash a few times within the first 30 seconds of the app trying to connect the bulb to your Wi-Fi. 



Once the bulb is added, you will be on a page that says “Congratulations”. Feel free to move the bulb to the desired location of use; keep in mind that the range of the bulb from the router is based in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi so it can only be used in an area where your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal reaches.

From the “Congratulations” page, we can assign the bulb to a room in the Sengled Home app. In this example, the bulb is physically in the dining room, so we will assign the bulb to the “Dining Room” in the Sengled Home app. To do this, since that room has not been created yet, press the “Add Room” button.

In the “Add a New Room” pop-up, we tapped on “Dining Room”; then, we tapped on “Ok”.

mceclip8.png mceclip9.png


After that, the bulb will be renamed based upon the room it is in. The automatically generated names make it much easier to identify and organize the bulbs if you wish to connect them to your Echo/Alexa or Google Assistant.

If the location and name of the bulb is to your liking, press “Done”.


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