Minimum Requirements for Using Sengled Smart LEDs

Before getting started with your Sengled Smart LEDs, please ensure you have the following resources available:

1. a ZigBee compatible hub.  Compatible hubs include any Sengled hub, SmartThings hub, Amazon Echo Plus, or Wink Hubs. (Note: if you purchased a kit, a Sengled hub is included.)

2. a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection

3. a mobile device with the Sengled Home app downloaded, available on the Apple Store here and on the Google Play store here

4. And of course, your Sengled Smart LED bulbs!

For more information on how these components play together, check out How the Sengled Smart LED System Works

Please note, there is no need to plug your lightbulbs into power before the installation process tells you to. 


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