Assigning Actions to Devices in a Scene

Now, we are going to select each bulb in our scene, one at a time, and assign which action we would like the bulb to take when the scene is used.


Going in order of the bulbs listed, we first chose “Family Room Bulb 5”, which is an Element Plus bulb, by tapping it.

As indicated by the top of the screen, you can choose the state the bulb will be in when the scene is used.

For our purposes, we choose to set this bulb to 1% brightness and change its color temperature to the warmest setting. The red indicator arrows show how we interacted with these settings.

Once the settings are to your liking, press the arrow in the top left corner—as demonstrated in the second screenshot.


After saving the setting to your preference for a bulb, you will be redirected back to the “Add a Scene” page. Tap on the next bulb you wish to edit. In our case, we chose “Family Room Bulb 2”.

Note: As you can see, the status of the first two bulbs reflects the applied changes.


“Family Room Bulb 2” is an Element Classic bulb. For our scene, we would like this bulb to turn off when the scene is activated.

To do this, we will tap on the red toggle icon, circled in red.

As indicated by the grayed toggle switch and the “Device Off” status, the action this bulb will take when the scene is activated will be to turn off.

We could, of course, set the brightness of the bulb via the brightness bar.


At this point, we have repeated selecting all the Element Classic bulbs and setting their status to turn off when the scene is created.

Now, we will tap on “Family Room Bulb 7”—the last of our remaining bulbs in this scene.


For this scene, we wanted to set the color of the Element Color Plus bulb to red when the scene is engaged.

As shown in the screenshot by the black arrow, we tapped on the desired color on the color spectrum.

After the settings were set to our chosen setting, we pressed the arrow at the top left of the screen.


Next, we will test our scene settings.


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