Creating a Scene

First, open the Sengled Home app and tap the “Routines” tab located near the bottom right.

Now, tap on “Scenes” to create a scene.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Now, tap on “Add a Scene” to create a scene.



From the “Add a Scene” page, we are going to first name the scene. We will, as demonstrated by the red arrow, tap on “Tap to set” to name the scene.

After that, we will tap on the icon to set the icon for the scene.



Tap on the icon you wish to represent your scene. Be sure to look at all of the options by scrolling downward.

In our case, we choose the television icon since it seemed fitting.

Once you have chosen the icon, press “Done” in the top-right corner.



Now, we will choose the devices that will be in the scene. To do this, tap on “Select Devices”.

From the “Select Devices” page, we will tap on “Bedroom” and “Kitchen” as we wish to have all the Sengled devices in the bedroom and kitchen respond to the scene.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.png


We also want to control the family room bulbs; to do that, we scrolled down, and we tapped on “Family Room” since we wanted all of the bulbs in the “Family Room” to be a part of this scene.

You can, of course, choose individual bulbs as well as entire rooms to be in a scene.

Once you have selected the bulbs you wish to be in your scene, press “Done” at the top-right of the page.

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png


From here, we will be redirected back to the “Add a Scene” page.

Now, we are going to select each bulb in our scene, one at a time, and assign which action we would like the bulb to take when the scene is used.

In this case, we first selected “Bedroom Bulb 1”.



From here, we will determine what “Bedroom Bulb 1” will do when the scene is executed. In this case, we pressed the red button to have the bulb turn off when the scene is initiated.

After making the adjustment for the bulb, press the arrow in the top left corner of the screen.

mceclip7.png mceclip8.png


After turning off a few more bulbs, we choose “Kitchen Bulb 1”.



Going in order of the bulbs listed, we first chose “Kitchen Room Bulb 1”, which is a Sengled Smart LED Tunable White bulb, by tapping it.

As indicated by the top of the screen, you can choose the state the bulb will be in when the scene is used.

For our purposes, we choose to set this bulb to 1% brightness and change its color temperature to the warmest setting. The red indicator arrows show how we interacted with these settings.

Once the settings are to your liking, press the arrow in the top left corner—as demonstrated in the second screenshot.

mceclip10.png mceclip11.png


Lastly, we will adjust the Sengled Smart LED Multicolor bulbs by tapping on the bulb named “Family Room Bulb 1”.

As demonstrated by the topmost arrow, we can adjust the brightness of the bulb when the scene is executed.

The second arrow shows how we can adjust the color temperature.

The part encircled by green is the color section; tap on the spectrum to pick the color the bulb will turn when the scene is executed.

mceclip12.png mceclip13.png


As shown from the first picture below, we chose to have the bulb turn on at 100% and as a hue of red.

After that, we pushed the red arrow to get back to the “Add a Scene” page.

To save the settings of the scene, press “Save” in the top right corner.

mceclip14.png mceclip15.png


You can press on the newly created scene to give it a try.



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