Product Operations Introduction

The following operations are applicable to all Smart LED bulbs:

Some key information to note about using your Sengled Smart LED bulbs:

  1. Bulbs have three different states that they can be in:
    1. On: The bulb is active and should be lit.
    2. Off: The bulb is active but not lit.
    3. Offline: The bulb is inactive, and not connected to the hub.
  2. Status updates can take a while to show up on the Sengled Home app, so please be patient. If a minute has gone by with no updates, please refresh your app page.
  3. If you set your bulbs to a certain state (I.e. with a Smart LED Color bulb, you set it to blue at 60%) and turn them off, your bulbs will remember the last state. This state includes the color, color temperature, and brightness.
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