Using Amazon Alexa with your Sengled bulbs

Note: These instructions are for connecting your Sengled hub and bulbs to your Echo device. These instructions will only work if you set the Sengled hub and bulbs up in the Sengled app.

Note: The images correspond to how the setup looks on Android devices. The iPhone version looks different. The Alexa app may look different when you are setting up the Sengled Home Skill due to updates to the Alexa app. The essence of the instructions will, however, still be relevant.

1) Open the “Alexa” app and select the menu in the top left corner. Navigate to “Skills & Games” in the Menu.



2) This will take you to the “All Skills” page in the Alexa app. Press the search bar that says “Search all skills” at the top of the screen. 

Type in “Sengled”. Three options will pop-up. You can press any of these three options (circled in red) or press the magnifying glass in the blue icon (as indicated by the red arrow) to search.



3) After searching, you will see the results. Press on the skill named “Sengled Home”. From here, you will be on a page named “Sengled Home”. Tap on the blue “Enable” button to enable the skill. This will redirect you to a webpage to where you will type in the login credentials for your Sengled Home app.



4) Enter your Sengled account login information and grant permission to the Alexa app. If you forgot your password, please go to your Sengled app to reset your password.

 The Sengled Home app is the app you set your hub and bulbs up on with your phone.

Note: The login credentials for the Sengled website will not work on this page. The Sengled website login credentials are for purchasing Sengled products from the Sengled website.

Type in the email address associated with your Sengled Home app; do not use the autofill feature as the autofill feature of some phones does not fill in the email address properly—i.e. adding in a space at the beginning or end of the email address.

Type in the password associated with your Sengled Home app, press “Sign In”.

5) Navigate to the 'Smart Home' section by pressing the house icon in the bottom right corner which will open the 'Devices' page.



6) Press the '+' icon in the top right corner, then press “Add Device” in the pop-up menu.



7) On the “Setup” page, press “Light” then “Sengled”.



8) From here, the page will read “Connect your Sengled light to Echo”. Proceed by pressing “Discover Devices”. Your Alexa app will try to communicate with your Sengled Home app via their respective cloud services. This may take up to 20 seconds.



9) Once the Element bulbs are discovered in the Alexa app, you will be on a page stating the number of devices that were discovered—in this case, 13. From here, press “Done”.

 You then return to the devices home screen, you can press “Lights” as indicated by the green circle in the screenshot below, to see your Sengled lights that have been added to your Alexa app.

For easy voice control of multiple lights at once, we recommend creating a ‘Group’ by pressing the plus sign in the top right corner, circled in red.



10) To create a group, press the “Add Group” option in the pop-up.

From here, you can select the name of the group by tapping on one of the pre-populated list under “COMMON NAMES” or you can type your own group name in the field at the top of the screen in the ‘Custom Name’ field.

In this example, we have several bulbs in the “Bedroom”. We want to control all of them with one voice command, so we select “Bedroom”.



11) After selecting your desired room, press “Next”.

This will take us to the “Define Group” page. Tap on every bulb you would like to have fall under the previously selected group—in the example below, we will choose all the bulbs that begin with the “Bedroom” prefix. Scroll down, as indicated by the red arrow to see all the bulbs.

     a) Implied Light Control: If you also have an Echo device in the room with your selected bulbs, you can add that Echo device to the group.  This will enable you to control the bulbs in the same group as the Echo device without needing to remember the name of the group or lights in the group. To do this, you can say “Alexa turn off the lights” and the lights in the same group as the Echo device will be turned off. This is explained at the end of the directions.


12) We tapped on all the bulbs with the prefix “Bedroom”. We know these bulbs are selected since they have a blue check next to their respective named (as indicated by the green circle).

Once you have selected all the bulbs you want to fall under the group, press “Save”.



Here is a list of some commands that apply to all Sengled Element bulbs:

“[Wake word for Echo device] set [group’s name/bulb’s name] to [0-100] percent.”

Using our previous example and our Echo device, we would say, “Alexa, set Bedroom to 1%.”

“[Wake word for Echo device] turn [group’s name/bulb’s name] on/off”

Using our previous example and our Echo device, we would say, “Alexa, turn Bedroom off.”

Element Plus bulbs can have their color temperature adjusted. Element Color Plus bulbs can have their color and color temperature adjusted.

Here are some examples for changing the color temperature and color respectively:

"Alexa, set [[bulb/group name that contains at least one Element Color Plus bulb]] to [[color]]"

Color Temperatures:
Warm White
Soft White
Daylight White
Cool White

Sky Blue

Here is an example:

"Alexa, set Tall Lamp to magenta" or "Alexa, set Living Room to blue"; this would, of course, depend on if the bulb named tall lamp or the group living room had an Element Color Plus bulb in it.


Concerning Implied Light Control and Controlling all of your Lights:

With the previously mentioned implied light control, you can control the bulbs in the same group as an Echo by saying ““Alexa turn off the lights”.

As shown from this example photo, we have an Echo device in the same group as several bulbs. By saying “Alexa, turn off the lights” to the Echo in the bedroom, only the bulbs in the bedroom will be turned off.


If you have multiple Echo devices and multiple Element bulbs, you may want to consider grouping all of your bulbs into a group named “Lights” in the Alexa app instead. This way, you can say “Alexa, turn of the Lights” and all of the lights can be turned off from any of your Echo devices.

As shown from this example, there are bulbs in the bedroom, family room and kitchen. Since we have them grouped together in a group named “Lights”, we can turn all of them off by saying “Alexa, turn the Lights off”.



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