How the Sengled Smart LED System Works

Setting up Sengled products is as easy as 1-2-3!

The following diagram shows the flow for controlling your Sengled devices: how_setup_works.PNG

A little more detail on how controlling your bulbs works (for simplicity sake, we will explain things as if the hub with which the Sengled Smart LEDs and Accessories are on is the Sengled Smart hub):

A) You can either send commands from the Sengled Home app (if you are using the Sengled Smart hub) or a voice control mechanism, such as Amazon Alexa. This step is the only one you need to set up!

B) These commands are sent via the Internet to the Sengled Cloud (or the cloud that corresponds to the hub).

C) From there, the command is sent, via the internet, from the cloud, to your hub. Your hub is, of course, connected to the internet via your router.

D) Finally, the command is sent to your bulb.

Note: If you are using a third-party hub, such as the SmartThings hub, the only difference is the app you would use, the command being sent to the SmartThings Cloud and the hub itself.


From this flow, you will need the following hardware to successfully set up your Sengled bulbs:

  1. A hub (step C): preferably a Sengled hub, but Sengled Smart LED and Smart Accessories are also compatible with any 3rd party compatible hubs, such as Amazon Echo Plus, SmartThings and Wink hubs.
  2. Your Sengled Smart LED bulbs (step D)

And the following software:

  1. A mobile smart home app (step A):
    1. If using just the Sengled family for control, please download the Sengled Home app.
    2. If you have a partner hub, as mentioned above, please use their app.
    3. If you would like to use a voice control device (such as Amazon Echo and Google Home), the Sengled Smart LEDs must be installed on a compatible hub first. After that, you would use the Alexa app or Google Home app to enable voice control.
  2. An Ethernet router with Wi-Fi capability:
    1. For initial setup, you need to connect your Sengled Smart LED Hub with your router using an Ethernet cable, and connect your mobile device with the same router using Wi-Fi connection.

      Note: Sengled devices do not work with higher frequency networks. If you have a multi-frequency router, please refer to its user manual to confirm you are on the 2.4 GHz network.


The following sections focus on setting up your Sengled Smart LED bulbs using Sengled products (i.e. the Sengled Home app and Sengled hub).  If you would like directions for how to set up the Sengled products using a partner hub, please refer to their user manual.

The steps for setting up your bulbs include:

  1. Installing and setting up the Sengled Home app
  2. Installing and configuring the Sengled Smart Hub
  3. Adding a Sengled Smart LED Bulb to an Existing Sengled Hub

A couple of things to note before proceeding:

  1. Sengled Smart bulbs are not meant to be used on wall dimmers, ceiling fan fixtures or 3-way lamps as these constituent dimmers since they do not consistently deliver 100% of the electrical voltage to the bulbs. If you would like to dim your bulbs, you are able to do so via the Sengled Home app, or your third party integrator apps, but manual wall dimmers will not work.
  2. Sengled Smart bulbs and devices are not intended for outdoor use, nor are they intended for damp or wet environments (I.e. please do not use these bulbs in bathrooms).
  3. Sengled Smart bulbs and devices are not intended for use in completely enclosed fixtures, as the lack of airflow can trap heat, therefore shortening their lifespan.
  4. Please do not plug in your Sengled Smart bulbs until told to do so from the Sengled Home app.  If your bulbs are plugged in too early, you may have to reset them as it's possible to miss the three minute pairing window if the bulbs are receiving power too soon.

Other than those notes, please select each link to follow along in the process of creating your own Sengled environment!

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