Using Google Home with your Sengled bulbs


Note: These instructions are for connecting your Sengled hub and bulbs to your Google Home device(s). These instructions will only work if you set the Sengled hub and bulbs up in the Sengled app.

1. Open the Google Home app and press “Add” from the home screen followed by "Set up device". 



2. Tap "Works with google". This will take you to the “Manage Accounts” page. Scroll down until you see the Sengled Home linked service.


3. Input your Sengled Home app account credentials when prompted and click 'Sign in'.


4. Goole Home will now show all devices connected to your Sengled Home app account. From the "Add smart home devices page" you can assign bulbs to a group and control bulbs as a group.

In the following example, we want to control all the bulbs with the “Bedroom” prefix as a group. So, first, we will select all the bulbs with the “Bedroom” prefix by tapping on the image of the bulbs and pressing “Add to a Room” when we are done.


4. You will then be directed to “Where are these devices?” page. Since the bulbs are in the bedroom, we will select “Bedroom”.

From here, you can customize the name of the group form the “Custom room name” page by tapping on the name of the room and typing in your desired name.

In this example, we are happy with the name of the room, so we pressed “Continue”.


5. After pressing next, you will be redirected to the page with all your devices.

After you have organized your bulbs into rooms in the Google Home app, press the “X” icon at the top left corner.


Google Home app will not automatically assign bulbs to rooms corresponding to your groupings in Sengled Home app.

If you add new devices or rename your devices in Sengled Home app, simply say "Hey Google, sync my devices" to refresh your device list in Google Home.

Example Google Commands

To do this: Say "Ok Google" or “Hey Google," then...
To turn on/off a light "Turn on <light name>"
Dim a light "Dim the <light name>"
Brighten a light "Brighten the <light name>"
Set a light brightness to a certain percentage "Set <light name> to 50%"
Dim/Brighten lights by a certain percentage "Dim/Brighten <light name> by 50%"
Turn on/off all lights in room “Turn on/off lights in <room name>"
Turn on/off all lights “Turn on/off all of the lights"
Change lights color "Turn my lights <color>."
Change the color of a light  “Turn [light name] green.”
 To turn on/off a outlet "Turn on/off <outlet name>" 
Turn on/off all outlets  “Turn on/off all outlets"
 Turn on/off all outlets in room “Turn on/off all outlets in <room name>” 
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