Adding Bulbs to a Room

  1. From here, we can organize the bulbs into rooms via the Sengled Home app. To identify which bulb we are naming, we would press the power button near the middle of the page. In the provided screenshot, the power button has been circled in red to make it easier to identify. Press it to turn off a bulb. The bulb that responds to this command is the one that is being named and assigned to a room. Press the “Add Room” button, circled in blue in this example, to add the bulb to a room.
  2. In the provided example, “Bedroom” is selected by tapping on it. Then, to finalize this choice, we pressed “Add’.


Now the bulb has a new name. Once a bulb is assigned to a room, it will be given a new name. The Sengled Home app will automatically generate names for the bulbs based upon the number of bulbs in that room. Since this bulb is the first bulb to be added to the Bedroom, it has been given the name “Bedroom Bulb 1”. You can change the name of the bulb to something else.

Note: If you go through the setup for an Echo device or Google Home device, the names of the bulbs will transfer over when the hub is connected to the voice-assistance service; the rooms the bulbs are put in with the Sengled Home app will not transfer over. If you decide to use the names assigned to the bulbs in the Sengled Home app after they have been placed in a room, it will make the bulbs easier to identify and organize in the Alexa app and/or Google Home app respectively.

You can, of course, give the bulbs unique names. As long as you can identify them by name, integration with Alexa and/or Google Home will be much easier.

For example, if you have 5 bulbs in the living room, you could name them:

Living Room Bulb 1

Living Room Bulb 2

Living Room Bulb 3

Living Room Bulb 4

Tall Lamp

 All of the above names would be transferred over to Alexa and/or Google Home when installing the Sengled Skill.

  1. Once you are done with naming the bulb, press “Next” to name the second bulb. After pressing “Next”, you will see a message that says “Saved Successfully”; press “OK” to proceed.


In our example, the second bulb has been named as previously demonstrated. Once you have assigned both bulbs to a room and named them, press “Done”. From here, the room information will refresh, and you will be redirected back to the “Home” page.

Once everything is synchronized, you can control the bulbs from the “Home” page. You can turn all your bulbs on or off from the top of the page. To control all the bulbs in the Bedroom group, press the smaller “All On” or “All Off” to the right of the “Bedroom” group. You can also dim the bulbs through the Sengled Home app by dragging the circle in the brightness bar below “Brightness”.


Now you have successfully added your first Sengled Smart LED hub, added your first Smart LED bulbs to it, and have configured your app so that you can now use your lights!  Congratulations!

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