How do I use the Sengled Home app with Amazon Alexa?

In this article, we go through how to pair Sengled smart devices with Amazon Alexa and show you some frequently used voice commands.

Pair Sengled Home with Amazon Alexa

1. Open the “Alexa” app and select the menu in the top left corner.  Navigate to “Skills and Games” in the Menu.

2. Search for "Sengled Home", tap on the search result and enable the skill.

3. Enter your Sengled account login information and grant permission to the Alexa app.

If you forget your password, please go to your Sengled app to reset your password.


4. If you would like to rename your devices, return to your "Sengled Home" app.  Open the “Devices” section at the bottom of your screen. Select the device you want to rename, tap on the Edit icon next to the current name of the device, and enter your preferred name. Click “OK” and continue renaming your other devices if you would like. When finished, move on to the next step.


5. Return to "Amazon Alexa" app and navigate to "Smart Home" in the Menu dropdown. Tap on "Add Devices" and Alexa will find your bulbs.



Please note that the "Amazon Alexa" app will not synchronize the rooms and schedules within "Sengled Home" app.

You may, however, create rooms in "Amazon Alexa" app with the same names as those in your “Sengled Home” app and assign the Sengled bulbs to their corresponding rooms. E.g. you have two Element bulbs grouped as "Office" in your "Sengled Home" app, you can create a group named "Office" in the "Amazon Alexa" app and assign those same Element bulbs to "Office".

Please note that name changes in your "Amazon Alexa" app will not result any changes in “Sengled Home" app and vice versa.  To sync the names, you un-link and then re-link your “Sengled Home”, or say "Hey Alexa, sync my devices" to refresh the names.

If you add new devices or rename your devices in the “Sengled Home”app, you should tap the “+” button then add devices, or say "Hey Alexa, sync my devices" to refresh the device list.

Frequently used light control voice commands

Turning lights on and off:

"Alexa, turn on [bulb/group name]"

"Alexa, turn off [bulb/group name]"

"Alexa, switch on [bulb/group name]"

"Alexa, switch off [bulb/group name]"


Adjusting bulb brightness:

(The "brighten" and "dim" commands will increase/decrease brightness by 25%. The "set" command must be used in conjunction with the word "percent".)

"Alexa, brighten [bulb/group name]"

"Alexa, dim [bulb/group name]"

"Alexa, set [bulb/group name] to [X%]"

"Alexa, set brightness of [bulb/group name] to [X%]"

"Alexa, set [bulb/group name]'s brightness to [X%]"


Adjusting bulb color temperature:

Bulbs may be adjusted to one of the following preset shades of white:

Simply issue one of the following commands to change the color temperature:

"Alexa, set the [bulb/group name] to (shade of white)"

"Alexa, change [bulb/group name]to (shade of white)"

"Alexa, make the [bulb/group name] (shade of white)"


Additionally, you may adjust the relative color temperature (e.g. making the bulb more white, or more yellow) with the following commands:

"Alexa, set the [bulb/group name] (cooler/whiter)"

"Alexa, make the [bulb/group name] (cooler/whiter)"

"Alexa, set the [bulb/group name] (warmer/softer)"

"Alexa, make the [bulb/group name] (warmer/softer)"


Change the color of the lights:

"Alexa, make the [bulb/group name] lights (color)"

"Alexa, turn the lights to (color)."

"Alexa, change the [bulb/group name] to color blue."



Turning outlets on and off:

"Alexa, turn on [outlet/group name]"

"Alexa, turn off [outlet/group name]"

"Alexa, switch on [outlet/group name]"

"Alexa, switch off [outlet/group name]"


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