How do I create a new room in the Sengled Home app?

Open the Sengled Home app and press the button in the top right corner. Then press “Room Management”.


Once on the "Room Management" screen, press the plus sign in the top right corner. This will take you to the “Add Room” screen. From here, tap on “User Define” so you can create a new room.


Tap on the bar that says, “User Define” and the keyboard of your phone will pop-up. From here, type in the custom name of the room you wish to create. In this example, it is "Guest Room."


From here, scroll down to the bottom of the “Add Room” screen and press “Manage Devices”. This will take you to a screen with the room’s name at the top— in this case “Guest Room”.

From here, we will need to add at least one bulb to the room. In this case, we will at the “LivingRoom Bulb 1” bulb to the “Guest Room” by tapping it.


Since the “LivingRoom Bulb 1” bulb is associated with another room, a pop-up will appear asking if you are sure you want to move the bulb. Press “Okay” to proceed.

Once you do, the selected bulb will have a red checkmark next to it. Press “Save” at the top right to save the changes.


After pressing save, you will be redirected to the “Room Management” screen where you can see all of your rooms and the devices that are in those rooms.

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