The Purpose of the “Settings” Tab

First off, to get to the “Settings” page, press the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the “Home” page.



One of the main functions of the “Settings” tab is so you can log out of the Sengled Home app, should you so choose; this is often done if you do not remember your password and would like to reset it.

Another main function of the “Settings” page is to update the firmware. For more information about this, please refer to the “Updating the firmware of your hub and bulbs” instruction.

You can also check the instructions of how to integrate your Sengled hub and bulbs with Echo and Google Home devices from the “Settings” page.

Manage Widgets will allow you choose which widgets are displayed.

From the “Performance” button, you can check the individual performance of the bulbs. For more information about this, please visit the “Tracking the energy usage of your Sengled bulbs and devices” instructions.

The “Room Management” button will allow you to add a room by moving a bulb into that room. This way, if you want to move a bulb that is in one room to another room, you would do it from here. From “Room Management”, you can also delete a room and rearrange the order in which your rooms appear on the “Home” page.

For more information about the functions of “Room Management”, please see:


Adjusting the picture of a room in the Sengled Home app:

Moving Bulbs between Rooms:

Creating a New Room:

Deleting a Room:

Changing the Order of your Rooms:

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