How do I control bulbs from the “Device” tab?

The “Devices” tab is located at the bottom of the “Home” screen. Tap “Devices” then you will be on the “Devices” screen.

From here, you can turn bulbs on/off by pressing the power button icon. You can control the individual settings of bulbs by tapping on them to get to the settings page. In this example, we will tap on “Family Room Bulb 1” to get to that bulb’s settings page.


Since we selected an Element Color Plus bulb, we can adjust its power, brightness, color and color temperature. The relevant parts have been pointed to with an arrow or circled in red. Applicable settings will appear depending on the bulb chosen to control.


  • Power Button: turn on/off
  • Brightness Slider: change brightness (%) by dragging the button
  • Color Temperature Slider: change color temperature by dragging the button
  • Color Temperature Presets: choose from preselected color temperatures
  • Color Picker: choose any point on the spectrum




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