How do I rename a bulb?

Method One:

Open the Sengled Home app and tap on the room the bulb you wish to rename is in. In this example, we will tap on “Living Room” then tap on the bulb we wish to rename.

Please note, after selecting the room, if there are Element Plus or Element Color Plus bulbs in that room, you will have to press “Single” in the top-right corner first.


This will take us to the screen with the bulb’s name indicated at the top. Press the pencil on paper icon to rename the bulb. Tap the box under rename and type in the new name.


In this example, we have given the bulb the name “Living Room 1”. After the bulb is renamed, press “OK”. The top of the screen will reflect the new name.


Method 2:

Open the Sengled Home app and press the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the “Home” screen. This will take you to the “Devices” screen. Then, tap the bulb you wish to rename. In the provided example, it is “Bedroom Bulb 4”.


From here, you will be on a screen with the selected bulb’s name at the top. Tap the pencil and paper icon to edit the name of the bulb. Then, tap the box under rename and type in the new name.


The bulb has been renamed “Living Room 2”; from here, press “OK” once the bulb is named to your liking.


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