How do I adjust the color and color temperature of the Sengled Element Color Plus bulb(s)?

After the bulb has been added to your hub and assigned to a room, you can adjust its color and color temperature by selecting the room the bulb is in. In the provided example, the Element Color Plus bulbs are in the Family Room.

Tap the room the bulbs are in. From here, we can control all the bulb that are assigned to this room.

Note: Color changes are only applicable to Element Color Plus bulbs. If you have other bulbs in the same room (e.g. Element Classic or Element Plus), the appropriate controls will be shown on their applicable screen.

Now we are on the Family Room page which has two Element Color Plus bulbs in it. Under the “Color Temperature” slider, you can tap and hold the circle on the Color Temperature bar to adjust the color temperature by dragging the circle left or right to the desired color temperature.

You can also change the color temperature to the five preset color temperatures (circled in red).

You can also adjust the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs by pressing the five preset options under the Color Temperature bar.


To adjust the color of all Element Color Plus bulbs in the room you selected, look under the “Color” option. Then, press the color on the color spectrum to which you would like to set the bulb(s).

In the two examples, first we set the bulbs to a hue of red, then to a hue of blue.


If you would like to control the color temperature of the bulbs individually, press “Single” at the top of the screen the Element bulbs are in.

This will take you to a page where you can see all the bulbs in the room and adjust their brightness. From here, tap on an Element Color Plus bulb (as indicated by the icon of the bulb) to adjust its color or color temperature.

In this case, we will tap on “Family Room Bulb 1”


From here, you can turn the bulb on/off and adjust its brightness. Furthermore, you can change the color temperature by holding the circle on the color temperature bar and sliding it. You can also set the color temperature to one of the five presets as indicated by the section circled in red.

If you scroll down, you can see the “Color” section. This section has been circled in green in the screenshot.

Tap on any color in the color spectrum and your bulb will adjust accordingly. In the provided example, we have changed the color to a hue of purple.

After you are done, you can press back twice to get back to the Home page of the Sengled Home app.



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