Setting a Wake Up Time for your Bulbs

A wake-up time is a schedule that only has an “On” time. It will turn the bulbs on at the scheduled time and slowly get brighter until reaching 50% brightness.

A wake-up time can be set for bulbs based upon the rooms they are in. This schedule will only apply to the bulbs in the room. To set a wake-up time, select the room you wish to have the wake-up time applied. In this case, we are selecting “Bedroom”; then tap the alarm clock icon located in the top right corner.



From here, we will be on the “Light Schedules” screen. Press “Wake Up” and then tap on “Wake up at” to select the time you would like the wake-up time to reach full brightness.

Please note that the wake-up time will start fifteen minutes before the scheduled time and slowly get brighter reaching 50% brightness at the set time; this should be taken into consideration before setting a wake-up time.

mceclip1.png mceclip0.png


After tapping “Wake up at”, you can set the time you would like the wake-up schedule to complete. In the provided example, the time was set to 7:00 AM. This means the schedule itself will start at 1% brightness at 6:45 AM in this example. After setting the wake-up time, press “Save”.




From here, we will be on the “Wake Up” screen. Moving down to “2. Day(s)” select the days you would like the schedule to repeat. You would do this by tapping on the days you would like this schedule to run. In the provided example, the schedule is set to repeat every day except Sunday.

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png


In the option labeled “3. Bulbs” you can select the bulbs in the room that you would like to abide by the schedule.

The default option is to have none of the bulbs in the room come on.

This must be altered by tapping on “3. Bulbs” and then tapping on the bulbs you wish to include in the schedule. At least one bulb must be selected for the schedule to work.mceclip6.png 


The bulbs with a gray circle next to them will be excluded from the schedule. The bulbs that have the red circle with a white check-mark next to them will follow the set schedule. To toggle whether a bulb is selected to function as part of a schedule, tap the circle next to the bulb.

Since we wanted all the bulbs to abide by the schedule, we tapped “All” at the top of the screen.

Once you are done on the “Choose Bulbs” page, press the arrow at the top left to go back.

mceclip7.png mceclip8.png


Now that the wake-up schedule is set to the desired settings, press “Save” at the top right of the screen.



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