How do I set a schedule for my bulbs?

Schedules can be set for bulbs based upon the rooms they are in. The schedule will apply to all the bulbs in the room. To set a schedule, select the room you wish control with a schedule. In this case, we are selecting “Bedroom”; then tap “Light Schedules” at the bottom of the page.


From here, we will be on the “Light Schedules” screen. The top two schedules can have an on and off time. The bottom schedule, named “Wake Up”, is an on schedule that will turn the bulbs on slowly in a manner that mimics a sunrise. The names and times shown on the leftward screenshot are the default names.

In the following example, we will select the schedule named “Sleep” and change it.


Under the option “1. Time”, you can set the on time.

Tap “Turn on at” and select the time you would like your schedule to start. You can scroll on the hours, minutes and AM/PM portion on the popup. Be sure to press “Save” when you have selected the time you would like your schedule to start.

Repeat this process for the “Turn off at” portion of the schedule. Be sure to press “Save” once you are done setting the off time.


After the schedule is set, please set the days you would like the schedule to repeat. Under the option marked “2. Day(s)” tap on the days you would like the schedule to repeat. The selected days will become red. In the example provided, Monday-Friday have been selected.


In the option labeled “3. Bulbs” you can select the bulbs in the room that you would like to abide by the schedule. The default option is to have all the bulbs in the room come on. This can be altered by tapping on “3. Bulbs” and then tapping on the bulbs you wish to exclude from the schedule. The bulbs that have the red check mark next to them will follow the set schedule. Once you are done on the “Choose Bulbs” screen, press the arrow at the top left to go back.


From here, we tap on “4. Brightness & Color Setting” to set the brightness the bulbs will turn on at. By holding the white button on the “Brightness & Color Setting” screen and dragging it to the brightness you would like, you can adjust the brightness the bulb(s) will turn on at. Once you are done, press the back arrow located in the top left corner.


From here, we can rename the schedule. Press the paper and pencil icon located at the top of the screen next to the schedule’s name. This will have a popup screen named “Rename The Schedule” show up on your screen. Press the name of the previous schedule to rename the schedule to your liking.


After you have renamed the schedule, press “OK” and you will be redirected to the settings screen of the schedule.


Once the schedule is set to your desired specifications, press “Save” and you will be redirected to the “Light Schedules” screen. As indicated from the second screenshot, the schedule is turned on now. You can toggle the schedule on or off by pressing the toggle switch.



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