Creating a Sengled Account

First, download the Sengled Home app, depicted below, from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

From here, press the “Create a New Sengled Account” button located at the bottom of the Sengled Home app.

Now, type in your email address; ensure your email address has been spelled correctly.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


After reading the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement, press the check mark indicating you agree to the previously mentioned documents.

Now, press “Next”.

From here, go to your email and type in the verification code sent by us (Sengled).

In this example, the verification code was “2tcgxs”.

Note: If you did not receive the verification code, ensure you email address is typed in correctly. At the top of the page, what you typed in on the previous page will be displayed. Double-check it to make sure it matches your email address.

Additionally, due to the delay of email refreshing when checked on phones/tablets, close the browser/app that is running your email and open it again. Refresh your inbox and be sure to check your junk/spam folder.  

Once your have typed in the verification code, press “Next”.

mceclip2.png mceclip3.pngFrom here, set the password that will be associated with your Sengled Home app. This password is used to log you into the Sengled Home app.

Hint: Be sure to remember or write your password down as it will be required for connecting your Sengled hub, the devices on your Sengled hub and other devices controlled from your Sengled Home app to your Echo devices (Alexa) or Google Home assistants.

The password requirements are listed above. An example of an acceptable password is “Password1” as it cotains: at least 8 characters, an upper-case letter, and a lower-case letter.

After typing in your password and confirming it, press “Next”.

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png

Welcome to the Sengled Family!

You are almost done. Choose if you would like to receive email notifications about what’s new at Sengled.

If you do, leave the red slider as it is.

When ready to proceed, press “Next”.


Go ahead and type in the email address you used to create your Sengled Home account and the password associated with it to login to the Sengled Home app.

Now, you are ready to setup your Sengled hub and bulb or other devices that are controlled from the Sengled Home app.  


For more information on how to add your first hub and bulb starter kit, please see this link.

Please note: If you have already created an account in the Sengled Element Home app or the Sengled Snap app, you can use the same email address and password associated with that account.




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