Pairing your Pulse system to a Google Home Assistant

Setting your Pulse bulbs to work as a Bluetooth speaker for your Google Home Assistant would be done via the Google Home app.

Please note: When the Pulse bulbs are connected to the Google Home, you will not be able to control the lights.

This is because the Google Home connects to the Pulse bulbs as a Bluetooth speaker and does not have an interface to interact with the lights.

To control the lights, you would have to disconnect the Google Home Assistant from the Pulse bulbs; then, connect back the Pulse bulbs with your mobile device to control the Pulse bulbs via the Pulse app. 

You can control the volume of music Google Home is streaming through the Pulse bulbs via Google Home's voice commands as usual. 


Here are some steps on how you can get your Pulse bulbs connected to your Google Home Assistant. The provide example shows how to connect the Pulse to a Google Home Mini but the steps are identical in procedures.

Because these directions specifically for the Pulse, if you are trying to connect a Pulse Link system, the name of the Bluetooth in step 8 will vary.

1) Power the Pulse bulbs on and make sure your Google Home Assistant is powered on.

2) Make sure your Pulse device is not connected to any other device-- i.e. phone, tablet, etc.

3) Open the Google Home app and scroll down. Select the Google Home device to which you wish to pair your Pulse.



4) This will take you to a page that has your Google Home device’s name at the top; press the “Settings” button (the gear) in the top right corner.


5) From the “Device settings” page, scroll down.

6) Select “Default music speaker”.



7) Tap on “Pair Bluetooth speaker” so the Google Home device can find the Pulse bulb.

8) Since we are trying to add the Pulse to the Google Home Mini, the name of the device is “C01-BR30”.

If you are trying to add a Pulse Link, the Bluetooth name of the device will vary.



9) After the Google Home device has connected to the Pulse device, press “Done”. Now, the music from your Google Home device will play from your Pulse.

Your Google Home will continue to speak to you using its default speaker.


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