Why can one phone connect to the Solo Color Plus bulb to play music and another device can connect to control the lights?

This is due to the fact that a Solo bulb has two Bluetooth modules: the primary module is for audio streaming, and the secondary module is for lighting/volume control. The primary module shows up as “Pulse Solo C01-A66” for Solo 1 or “Solo 2 RGBW” for Solo 2 RGBW in your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings; the secondary module will show up as “C01-A66_Pulse Solo” for Solo 1 or “S21XXXXX” for Solo 2 RGBW in the Bluetooth settings as shown in the picture. Only the Pulse app can connect to the secondary Bluetooth module. Normally whichever mobile device opens the Pulse app first will gain control of the secondary module, thus preventing any other mobile device from controlling lights via its Pulse app. Have your friend close the Pulse App on their mobile device, then re-start your Pulse app. This should allow your mobile device to gain controls over both audio and lighting.


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