What do I do if the Pulse app cannot find the Solo bulb and says “Still searching for smart bulbs…”?

This problem stems from connecting to the Solo bulb’s secondary Bluetooth module as shown in the picture that starts with “C01-A66_Pulse Solo” for Solo 1, or “S21XXXXX” for Solo 2 RGBW; for clarification, these Bluetooth modules have been highlighted by the red circle. This is the Bluetooth module for the lighting control. If you don’t see this module show up in your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings page, please try again.


You can try again by:

  • Restarting and reopening the Settings app or turning your Bluetooth button off and on again. This will allow the app to try establishing a connection to that secondary Bluetooth module again.
  • If that does not work, try using “forget this device” for the primary Bluetooth module “Pulse Solo C01-A66” for Solo 1 or “Solo 2 RGBW” for Solo 2 RGBW from your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings, then discovering it again.


In the pictures, these Bluetooth modules have been circled in blue. It may take a few times to get this to work. This solution only applies to iOS. If you are using an Android device follow the same steps but you will not see the secondary Bluetooth module listed in your settings.


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