Adding a Bulb

If you purchased a Sengled Element Starter Kit, the hub and bulbs that came with your kit have been pre-paired together and can be used right away. The steps below are for users who have purchased individual bulbs or who have removed a bulb from their account and are looking to add it back.


1. Ensure that the bulb has been removed from any previous Sengled accounts and has been factory reset

2. From the Dashboard tab, navigate to the Device tab by tapping the three lines in the top left corner.


3. From the Device tab, tap the hub that you would like to add a bulb to. On the hub's screen, tap "Add bulb" in the top right corner.


4. Scan the bulb's MAC address and then screw it into a light fixture. Try to scan it in a well-lit area. If you're having trouble scanning the bulb, scan the code on the box that it came in, but first make sure the codes match up. If you have more than one bulb, tap "Add another bulb" and repeat this process. If not, tap "Next" to continue.


5. You have successfully added an Element bulb to your Element account. You should immediately be prompted to add the bulb to a scene. To learn more, please consult our article on how to group bulbs into scenes.


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