LED with Wi-Fi Extender Quick Start Guide

1. Twist in your LED with Wi-Fi Extender and power it on

Tip: Use a lamp close to your router. You can move the bulb after setup.

2. Connect your device to your home network (2.4 GHz only).

Tip: Keep WiFi password on hand during setup.

3. Download the Boost app. 

Sengled Boost available at:

4. Open the app and press "Add Bulb"

Note: Adding and configuring a bulb can take a few minutes.

5. Name your LED with Wi-Fi Extender

Tip: Location based names like Garage, Basement, and Attic work great!

6. Move the LED with Wi-Fi Extender to its new spot

Remember: Boost needs a Wi-Fi signal to operate. Don't move it outside the router’s effective range.

7. Connect your other devices to the LED with Wi-Fi Extender

Tip: Boost uses the same password as your home router.

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