Can I connect a LED with Wi-Fi Extender to another Sengled LED with Wi-Fi Extender?

While it is technically possible to connect one LED with Wi-Fi Extender to another, this will cause significant degradation of your Wi-Fi signal.

A WiFi extender will rebroadcast your Wi-Fi under a different name at half the speed that was reaching it. So, you will lose bandwidth but gain signal strength.

For example, let us say the internet speed coming into your home is 50 Mbps Down and 20 Mbps Up. The WiFi at 20 feet away from your router is 30 Mbps Down and 15 Mbps Up, and your Wi-Fi extender is setup at this location which is 20 feet away from your router.

The Wi-Fi extender will rebroadcast your Wi-Fi at half speed so that would be 15 Mbps Down and 7.5 Mbps Up. Keep in mind, this will be the internet speed when you are next to the Wi-Fi extender.

Furthermore, let us say there is another Wi-Fi extender attached to the first Wi-Fi extender at 20 feet away from the first Wi-Fi extender. The Wi-Fi from the first extender as it reaches the second extender becomes, for example, 9 Mbps Down and 4 Mbps Up. This is because, like all wireless signals, the signal becomes weaker as it gets further from the source.

The second Wi-Fi extender will rebroadcast the Wi-Fi from the first Wi-Fi extender at 4.5 Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up. This speed would be when one is next to the first extender.

Chaining Wi-Fi extenders like this would not create a mesh network. 

Wi-Fi extenders are great for getting some Wi-Fi into an area which would receive no Wi-Fi. 

For these reason, we do not recommend connecting two LED with Wi-Fi Extenders together.

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