How do I reset a Sengled Smart LED bulb?

Before getting started please note there is very little reason to reset an Element bulb.

You would only want to reset an Element bulb that is not working as intended or is having difficult adding to your hub.

Do not reset Element bulbs that are working as intended. When a bulb is reset, it will be reset to factory; this means it will forget the hub to which it was associated.

In order to pair Element bulbs that have fallen out of pairing mode, they must be placed on a standard ON/OFF toggle switch like a bathroom vanity fixture or a power strip. A turn style lamp will not work. It must then be turned on and off AT LEAST 10 times, VERY quickly, ending on the ON position. An on and off cycle counts as 1.
On/Off 1
On/Off 2
On/Off 3

If done correctly the bulb will flash five times, and then it is in pairing mode.

Once the bulbs flash please turn them off to preserve their pairing mode.

If the bulb does not flash, you will have to try again. 

Do not turn the bulbs on again until instructed in your app.

Note: These instructions do not apply to Element Touch bulbs, which have a button on the side of the bulb. To learn how to reset these bulbs, please consult the How do I reset the Sengled Smart LED With Touch Control (Element Touch) bulb? article.

Video demonstration:

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