How do I delete a connected Satellite bulb from a Master bulb?

  1. Make sure that the Master and Satellite bulbs are powered on and that the Master bulb is paired with a smart device via Bluetooth. 
  2. Launch the Pulse App, toggle the main brightness ON/OFF button to confirm that all Pulse bulbs are connected with Master bulb. 
  3. Select “Edit Label of Bulbs” in the settings menu. 
  4. Select the Satellite bulb that you want to remove from the audio network, and click the delete/close button. 
  5. A confirmation will appear on the screen, click “OK” to continue. 
  6. Wait for approximately 30 seconds; do not power off the Satellite bulb and the Master bulb during the process. 
  7. Click the “Refresh” tab in the settings menu to confirm the Satellite bulb has been removed.
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