How do I add a new Satellite bulb to a Master bulb?

  1. Ensure that the Master bulb is powered on and paired with a smart device via Bluetooth. 
  2. Screw the new Satellite bulb into the desired light socket. 
  3. Turn on the new Satellite bulb. 
  4. Launch the Pulse App, select the “Add Satellite Bulbs” tab in the settings menu. 
  5. Select one of two methods to add the new Satellite bulb to the system. 
  6. Select “Scanning Add” to automatically scan the network, or 
  7. Manually type the Satellite bulb “AD Code”. NOTE: The AD code in QR format is labeled in two locations: the bottom side of the Satellite packaging (near the bar code) and on the Satellite bulb itself.
  8. After automatically or manually adding the bulb, select “Link” in the menu. The Satellite bulb will connect with the Master bulb after approximately 30 seconds. Do not turn off power during this time.
  9. The Satellite bulb will blink, indicating that it has successfully connected with the Master bulb.
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