What should I do if my light bulb is unresponsive or goes offline on Alexa app?

1. Please make sure to switch on the relevant light switch. If still an issue, try 2nd
2. Power off light bulb and power it back on, wait for a minute and check the status.
Power off and on the corresponding Matter hub (e.g., Echo device). If still an
issue, try 3rd option.
3. Please ensure that your smart bulb, mobile and Matter hub are connected to the
same 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. If none of this work, please factory reset the bulb
(steps detailed in the next FAQ). If still an issue, try 4th option.
4. It may be possible your account has multiple Wifi network credentials, in such a
case, please delete these multiple WiFi passwords from Amazon App with
following steps:
- On Amazon app, go to “Your Account”, then click “Content & Devices”.
- Click the “Preferences” tab, under “Saved Network Passwords”, click
- Now add the Sengled smart bulb from Alexa app and get started.

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