How can I set up my Sengled Matter smart bulb with Alexa and other smart home systems?

  • Please ensure you have a Matter-compatible hub, like an Echo device and
    2.5Ghz Wi-Fi network at home.
  • To enable seamless setup with Alexa, you can check “Link your device to Alexa
    and Sengled account to simplify setup” during checkout on Amazon. As you
    receive the Sengled Matter bulb, screw in the fixture, open the Alexa app, and
    get started once notified “First light bulb found”.
  • Otherwise, you can add the smart bulb directly from the Alexa app. If prompted
    by app, scan the QR code on quick start guide.
  •  In case you want the ability to control this Sengled bulb with another assistant
    e.g., Google/Apple Home, go to bulb’s settings page on Alexa app and select
    “Other Assistants and Apps” and select “Add another”. This step will generate a
    pairing code that can be used to setup with other smart home apps.
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