Troubleshootiing for Set Up


1. Make sure the firmware of your Matter Controller and Smart Home app is updated to support Matter. 

2. Ensure your phone and Matter Controller are both connected to a stable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and that it has internet access during the setup process. 

3. Power cycle the Matter-enabled device. 

4. If the Matter-enabled device has already been added to another ecosystem, you will need to get a new setup code for pairing according to FAQ how to integrate your device into another ecosystem. 

5. In the first commissioning, Matter setup mode is active for 15 minutes after the device is powered on. For the second commissioning the active time of setup mode varies between ecosystems. If this time period has expired, you will need to power cycle the matter-enabled device to restart the clock. 

6. Restart your smartphone and clear the cache of the Smart Home app

If you are still having issues, you may reset the bulb with the instructions in the link below and try the following:

Reset Instructions

1) Please check to ensure that your mobile device and matter controller are connected to the router’s 2.4GHz WiFi and it’s the same SSID the bulb is also connecting to.

2) If this doesn’t help, try power cycling the device, the mobile App and the Matter controller (Amazon Echo, Google Home etc).

3) Make sure the device is in the setup mode: The device goes through the setup mode sequence of colors when going through a power cycle. If it is not in setup mode then this means the device is already connected to a smart home ecosystem e.g. Alexa or Google. Please remove the device by deleting it from the corresponding App.

4) IF these steps don’t work then try factory reset the device (refer to section with the steps) and try setup steps again.

Please open Port 6884 on your Wi-Fi router to ensure connectivity. If your router is preventing access, you will need to enable access to these ports. 

If you need help with changing your firewall settings: For routers provided by your internet service provider, please contact your internet service provider. For a router you own, please contact the manufacturer of the router.

If your Wi-Fi Matter bulb is having trouble connecting to your router, it could be due to firewall protections on your router. The firewall or port on your Wi-Fi router may be blocked and could prevent the Sengled Wi-Fi LED bulb from connecting to internet. 



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