Troubleshooting Sengled Smart LED (ZigBee) Bulb

If you are having difficulty adding a Sengled Smart LED (ZigBee) bulb to a compatible hub or if the bulb has gone offline, please try the following comprehensive troubleshooting to get the bulb added back:

1) Confirm the Model Number (M/N):

First, we must determine if the bulb is a Sengled Smart LED (ZigBee) bulb.

If the model number (M/N) of the bulb starts with an E or a Z, see if it is one of the following bulbs:

E11-G13 E11-N13 E12-N14
E11-G14 E11-N14 E12-N1E
E11-N1EA E13-N11 E1F-N5E
E21-N1EA E11-N1G  

If it is, then the bulb is a ZigBee bulb and would require a compatible hub in order to be used.


2) Compatible Hubs:

A hub is the device that speaks the same ZigBee language as the bulbs; the hub is the device that is connected to the router—and thus the internet. 

For example, the Sengled Smart hub, SmartThings hub and Echo Plus with built-in hub, are all compatible hubs.
The Echo Dot, Echo, and the Google Home Assistants are not hubs.

The method of adding the bulb to a hub would depend on the hub, one must use the app that corresponds to the hub. 


3) Use Conditions: 

Next, our Smart LED bulbs—like most LED bulbs—are not meant to be used in the following conditions: 

Wall dimmers—with the sole exception of the Tunable White bulbs (Z01-A19NAE26) which can be used on some dimmers; for more information, please see the following article: List of compatible dimmers for the Tunable White Smart LED 

Ceiling fan fixtures

Lamp with multiple power settings (i.e. a low/high power lamp, a low/medium/high power lamp—a 3-way lamp—or a dimmer lamp)

Enclosed fixtures

Outdoors—with the sole exception of the Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb (E13-N11).


4) Resetting & Re-adding:

Once you have confirmed you have a Smart LED (ZigBee) bulb—and if it is not being used in a condition it is not meant to be used in—proceed with the following to add it to your hub:

1) Reset the bulb, like so: 

2) Add it to your hub. This will depend on the hub you have. One must use the hub that corresponds to their app.

So, if you have a Sengled hub, then you would use the Sengled Home app—depicted below—to add the bulb, like so: Adding Sengled Smart LED (ZigBee) bulbs to your Sengled Hub




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