List of compatible dimmers for the Tunable White Smart LED

Ceiling fan fixtures or 3-way lamps are not supported by any Sengled Smart LED bulb.

The Tunable White Smart LED however, is designed to be controllable by most common wall dimmers on the market.

The following dimmer models are compatible with the Tunable White Smart LED bulbs:


MAELV-600, MACL-153M, PD-6WCL, LGCL-153PLH, TG-603PGH, TG-600PH, TT-300NLH, TTCL-100H, NLV-600, D-600PH-DK, AY-600P, VTELV-600M-B, RRD-6NA, CTELV-303P, CTCL-153P, S-600P, S-603PG, SELVB-300P, SELV-300P, S-600H, LX-600PL, LXLV-603PL, DVLV-600P, DVELV-303P, DVELV-300P, DV-600P, DCVL-153P


6674-P0W, 6633-P, 6613-PLW, 6672, 6615, 6631, 6681-1W, 6602-IW, 6683-10Z, RPI06, 6161, IPI06-1LZ, TBL03


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